Protect Your Investment

Seasonal Storage

No one understands the importance of protecting your investment like American Custom Yachts. Securing vessels for over 15 years, our 63-acre facility offers inland storage for over 300 boats, along with easy access from the Atlantic and Gulf coasts and a complete range of marine services on site. We store and service all size boats. Call us today at 772-221-9100 to discuss your storage and service needs.

Vessel Storage

Month Rate
January – June $10.50 per foot per month
July $11.50 per foot per month
August $12.50 per foot per month
September – November $14.00 per foot per month
December $12.50 per foot per month

Trailer Storage

Ask about in-water storage under our covered yacht port with 90′ dockage and 52′ clearance. Long-term storage rates available.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Travel Lift/Length* Hauling/Launching
35-ton travel lift $400 flat rate
75/150-ton travel lift: up to 59 feet $26.00 per foot
75/150-ton travel lift: 60-69 feet $28.50 per foot
75/150-ton travel lift: 70-79 feet $31.50 per foot
75/150-ton travel lift: 80-89 feet $34.00 per foot
75/150-ton travel lift: 90-99 feet $38.50 per foot
75/150-ton travel lift: 100+ feet $41.00 per foot
Storage: $1.00 per foot per day up to entering into the contingency plan; $2.00 per foot per day until the "all clear" has been given and launching begins; then $1.00 per foot per day thereafter until launch
*Travel lift to be determined by ACY based on beam, weight, and other safety factors

Hurricane Storage

Proper hurricane storage is the best way to ensure that your vessel will be waiting when you return. As soon as our facility enters the NOAA National Hurricane Center track forecast cone, we will begin our hurricane contingency plan. This is expected to be a least 96 – 120 hours ahead of forecasted landfall. This is subject to change due to the uncertain nature of hurricane forecasting.

ACY adheres strictly to the following procedures for hurricane haul-outs and storage:

  1. Once we enter the facility contingency plan, we will begin accepting hurricane haul-out requests by phone. Please have the following information available when you call: vessel name, vessel make, LOA, beam and tonnage, captain name and cell phone number.
  2. Calls will be taken in the order they are received, and the time and date will be recorded. Boats will be placed on the hurricane haul-out waiting list. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT YOUR VESSEL WILL BE HAULED. We have a limited amount of space and cannot accept all boats. Once you are on our waiting list, we advise that you continue to seek alternative methods to secure your vessel until you receive a call back from us confirming that you are on our hurricane haul-out schedule.
  3. During this time, we will continue to review available space at the facility and create a haul-out schedule.
  4. If we are able to include your vessel on our hurricane haul-out schedule, you will receive a return call with your scheduled haul-out time. If we are unable to accommodate your boat, you will be notified with a return call.
  5. You must arrive at the facility at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled haul-out time. Please note that slips may not be available for staging. Please have your vessel prepared prior to your arrival: remove perishable items, empty your fridges/freezers, and secure outriggers, cushions and other loose items. ACY assumes no responsibility for items left unsecured or from damage to vessel as a result of storm and hurricane impact or other acts of God. Upon your arrival, check in using VHF channel 68.
  6. Once your vessel has been confirmed on the haul-out schedule, you will receive the storm service agreement, release of liability and credit-card authorization. This paperwork must be completed prior to your scheduled haul-out or ACY has the right to refuse to haul your vessel. This paperwork can be emailed, faxed or completed at the facility. There will be one designated slip available to vessels needing to complete their paperwork on site prior to their haul-out. We strongly advise that you complete your paperwork prior to your arrival.


  • We haul vessels around the clock until the facility is full or the weather becomes such that we are not able to continue safely hauling vessels. Your scheduled haul-out time will likely be outside of normal business hours.
  • Conditions may prevent special requests during haul-outs, such as chine blocking, cradle usage, pressure washing, scraping, etc.
  • Please be patient and flexible! Travel lifts can only operate safely at a certain pace. Time spent waiting to be hauled will vary during this process.
  • Vessels arriving without notification will not be hauled.